Well … Whispering Pines wasn’t whispering sweet messages in my ears this past weekend. What I remember hearing the most is the sound of my bike coming to a halt in moto 1 because of mechanical issues and the sound of my body hitting the ground hard and then gasping for air as my bike crashed on top of me as I lay in a deep rut in moto 2.

What’s amazing is that I didn’t get injured in what many described as a spectacular crash. What wasn’t amazing were my results.

I’m really bummed to leave Kamloops with a DNF in moto 1, a 22nd place in moto 2, and no points to add to the ones I got in Nanaimo. It’s especially frustrating because I feel I was running some pretty good lap times and was riding a pretty smooth race.

I usually love a rough, rutted out track. In fact, I have one of the nastiest rut tracks in my own back yard to help me prepare for tracks just like Whispering Pines. I felt ready and was optimistic about the races in Kamloops.


Dylan in Kamloops.

I had some bad luck in moto 1 when my water pump shaft broke, which caused the bike to overheat large. It just goes to show that even with good preparation, a great mechanic and a great bike, things can sometimes go wrong. Thanks so much to my mechanic Cale who got my bike up and running in time for moto 2!

It sucks even more to think that I was running 7th in moto 2, confident I could take 6th, when I got cross-rutted down this straight-away roller section and took a nasty digger. I can’t lie to you. It hurt when I went down and the bike landed on me. It took a few seconds for the pain to wear off and for me to realize that the bike just knocked the wind out of me. With the adrenaline running through my veins, all I could think about was getting on the bike and gaining as much ground as I could. I was happy to be able to put in a couple of pretty good laps to finish off the race.


Dylan looking clean before the battle.

Now that I’ve had time to sit back, relax a little, and let the anger wear off, I feel pretty fortunate that I didn’t get hurt. The only thing I can do now is leave last weekend’s crappy luck and results behind me and look forward to Calgary.

Speaking of Calgary, I want to take this opportunity to give Jason Moore a shout out for giving me a tour of the FOX Head Canada facility. As you’d expect, they have a pretty impressive office building. But that’s not what sticks out in my mind the most. It was really neat to be one of the first people to get a sneak peak at the 2015 product line that’s coming. (It looks really sick!) That’s not the only thing FOX is doing right. One thing I think every work place should have is an indoor skate park! Am I right? How cool is that? Too bad Jay and his buddies didn’t have a BMX bike laying around that I could use to try it out. Thanks again for the tour Jay. I feel really lucky to be sponsored by such a great company.


Foxhead Canada is a cool place to hang out, let alone work. This photo from their Grand Opening gives you some idea.


I also got to see the Wild Rose MX Track on Tuesday and it looks really hard-packed. It will be interesting to see if the track layout and conditions change by the time race day rolls around. I say that because we rushed to Kamloops so we could get a couple of days of riding in at Whispering Pines before it shut down for the mandatory 72 hours before race day. By the time Sunday came, they had made quite a few changes to the track.


Wild Rose MX Park is just waiting for the action to begin.

I’m not sure what to expect in the way of changes to the track next weekend. But one thing you can expect is that I will give it my best shot and hope to rock a couple of awesome motos to post some better results. Only 96 more hours till race time!!!!