Everyone here at MX101 wants to send out a big congratulations to all the amateur racers from our area that raced in Walton.  Just finishing motos in motocross is a huge challenge, and this year it was even tougher than usual!  Rain poured down at various times during the week, with Saturday turning into an absolute slopfest!  The Walton crew did as much as they could, but this is not your typical sport – this is Motocross!  If you were among the racers this week, you proved once again the Motocrossers are the real extreme athletes in the world!  Hopefully we will see you at the MX101 Ironman Race on September 6th, and maybe even at the next Walton TransCan!

We have so many great riders in our area that is is impossible to mention everyone.  Please take the time to write up your Walton story and we will make sure we add it to the the MX101Life.com website.  Check out all the Walton Results at: http://walton.tracksideresults.com/class.asp

Connor Arsenault won the MX1 Junior title and got 3rd overall  in MX3.  If he did not go down while in 3rd place in one of the MX2 motos, Connor may have even won the Alpinestars Bronze Boot.  That’s Moto, and that’s Walton!  Tough as nails, even on a tough kid like Connor!  Connor got on the box 6 times and we know his family is really proud of him, as is everyone at MX101!

Some Results for our Talent Factory Amateur Team,  MX101 Riders, and just some friends of Note:

Connor Arsenault 1st MX1 Junior 25th MX2 Junior 3rd MX3 Junior

Sebastion Racine 2nd & 4th & 19th

Anthony Spadaccini 6th & 10th

Brandon Brown 27th & 15th

Scott Hough 18th & 24th & 11th

 MX2 Intermediate   #250  YAM   27th   22nd   12th   18th       MX3 GP Intermediate   #250  YAM   27th   27th   22nd   24th       School Boy 2   #250  YAM   15th   11th   9th   11th  – See more at: http://walton.tracksideresults.com/racer.asp?n=12#sthash.7SopX6WU.dpuf

 MX2 Intermediate   #250  YAM   27th   22nd   12th   18th       MX3 GP Intermediate   #250  YAM   27th   27th   22nd   24th       School Boy 2   #250  YAM   15th   11th   9th   11th  – See more at: http://walton.tracksideresults.com/racer.asp?n=12#sthash.7SopX6WU.dpuf

Thomas Rendall 5th & 27th

Cameron Maunders 8th & 17th

Nick Giles 8th & 18th

Jairred Killeen 12th & 31st

Tristan Spadaccini 33rd

Cameron Wrozyna 2nd & 5th

Dawson Tracey 6th & 20th

Also of note, LucaGiampaolo, Scott Cameron, Estaban Racine, Cedric Racine, Dain Gourgon, Pierre Lacelle, Chris Pomeroy, Ryan Gauld, Ryan Lockhart

Jeff Arsenault for Connor Arsenault

Connor and Jeff wanted to thank Kevin Tyler and Dylan Wright for showing up at the line and at the podium and for cheering Connor on!

Reese Rendall for Thomas Rendall

Today was another mixed day at Walton.
1st up was 85, a poor start due to 32nd gate pick. Thomas is not afraid to pick his way through riders and magically he was running top 10 and pushing hard, next thing he knows was side lined with mechanical. He went back to the trailer and relaxed and was pumped for 65.

He went out first on the hot lap and was pumped. Holeshot and riding fast pulling away. Pushed hard and swapped back and forth in 1st/2nd then running in 3rd. Then on final lap he gets caught and is in a fight for 3rd. He enters a rut and the shifter drags and shifts to a higher gear and the bike bogs and the guy takes the lead. Then he chased back and pressured him and took another inside line only to have the rut blow his feet off the pegs and shifter gear up again. He got gapped and took 4th. Boy he was pissed off.
He is now focused on a tomorrow.
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Mike Maunders for Cammy Maunders

It was and up and down week at Walton but Im auper proud of both my kids. One raced fantastic And gave it his all. The mud moto was sixk and im pumped he finished in 7th in that moto getting him 8th OA in the 50 GP (9-14-7) and had a harder time in the 7-8 but ended up 15th OA (19-21-11)
And my daughter Hailey for being such a responsible amazing little girl! She really has helped her old man out wishing Melissa Vaillancourt-Maunders was here with us. NEXT YEAR!
Thank you to everyone who helped us get here!