This past weekend, MX101 was proud to host the Eastern ANQ / KTM MMRS Provincial / IRONMAN Challenge at Sand Del Lee MX Park.  That is a lot to say, and it was a lot of Moto!

It was a fantastic weekend with almost 900 entries over the two days with riders coming from the US, Quebec, and all over Ontario.  The MX101 crew was able to get the track dialed for racing, and it was indeed a field of dreams. it was in amazing shape! It warmed up throughout the day to make it nice and sunny!

Eastern Ontario has been awarded FIVE spots at the Walton Parts Canada TransCan for each class by the owners of the Amateur National Qualifiers, Brett Lee and Mark Perrin.  This is a reflection of how strong Eastern Ontario Motocross racing has become.  Alpinestar Bronze Boots and many championships have been brought back to Sand Del Lee in the last 5 years by names such as Dylan Wright, Taylor Arsenault, Bradley Dool, Scott Cameron, and last year Connor Arsenault nearly won.  That is starting to look like a bit of a Dynasty, and with MMRS and MX101 working together to provide even bigger events, the future of “Socal North” is looking bright!

The ProAm class saw some fantastic battles with about 20 Pros and Intermediates lined up to take home their share of the $4000 ProAm Purse.  Nick Jones pulled his best Alessi imitation all weekend and gave Dylan Wright, Liam O’Farrel , Westen Wrozyna, Tyler Duffy and Taylor Arsenault a lesson in getting to the first turn. Dylan Wright won the Under 30 and Pro am classes with convincingly.  After Dylan fell and ran back through the pack, the fans were going crazy!


Dylan Wright carving a SDL Chocolate Cake Berm @Tyler Spikman


Connor Arsenault was on fire in the intermediate classes winning all his MX2 motos and 3 out of 4 Mx3 motos. The #122 Sebastien Racine was on the gas on Saturday.  He took both moto wins in the 50cc open class, while on Sunday the #61 Ben Mistelbacher was flying and took both moto wins.

In the 50cc class, MMRS offered free rental transponders to the racers so that everyone could see their results and laptimes.  It was a great idea and many parents commented on how much more fun it was with the transponders.

MMRS is hosting the MX101 IronMan Series riders at Muttco on June 7th, and then Sand Del Lee will again host MMRS at the Sand Del Lee “Outlaw” CUP on July 4/5.  This race will not require any licence to race.  It will be a MX101 IronMan Race, as well as Round 1&2 of the MMRS Summer Challenge Series.

This new series with MX101 and MMRS is proving to be a ton of fun and excellent racing for everyone from the Pros to the 50cc riders.  If you can make it out to Muttco for June 7th and the inaugural Sand Del Lee “Outlaw” CUP on July 4th and 5th, you will not regret it!