ANQ and MMRS Provincial and AMO and MX101 Ironman

MX101 is proud to host one of the biggest double headers ever at SDL MX Park!

May 28/29 will see two rounds of each of:
** the MMRS PROVINCIAL SERIES (rounds 4 and 5)
** the MX101 IRONMAN SERIES (rounds 2 and 3)

This is the first time all of these great races will be held on the same weekend! It is going to be a huge race!

Sand Del Lee Motocross Park
2980 Conley Rd,
Ottawa, Ontario
PH: 613-838-3391 Office

All ANQ Classes will be run, as well as all MMRS classes.  The tentative schedule is below.

Weekend Info:

Friday – Sign in 7-9pm at MX101 Office

Saturday – Sign in 6:45 – 8am Sign in Shack

Sunday – Sign in 6:45 – 8am Sign in Shack

Gate Fees for the Weekend – Under 5 free, 6-12 $14, 13 and up $20

Camping – $10 per night

Class Cost – 1st Class $35, 2nd Class $25, 3rd Class $20

50’s run on big track – $25/class

Flaggers Meeting – 7:45

Riders Meeting – 8:00am

Practice Starts at 8:15am

Accepted Licenses:

Membership Info:
Only AMO and MMRS memberships will be accepted. You can buy a “Class Pass” if you do not have a membership for $10 per class.
AMO – Can buy at the track or online for $90 or $160 for a family
MMRS – Can buy at the track or online for $85 or $140 for a family
No Membership is required and no membership is required to race the Walton TransCan Grand National Championship

Transponder Info:

MMRS will have transponders for rent for $20.  MMRS may have transponder for sale as well.
Please ensure your transponder is marked on your entry clearly and check with the MX101 office ASAP if there are any scoring issues.
Make sure your transponder is CHARGED for the weekend.

You can always purchase from MMRS, but if you wish to buy from the US go here:

Official Schedule will be posted Saturday/Sunday Morning – Donate to CHEO at the track and get a free schedule

Transponders are required to be scored

Friday and Saturday Night Sign-in from 7-9 pm

Sunday 8:00am Rider’s Meeting
8:15 a.m. Mandatory Practice starts

1. Junior
2. Beginner
3. 80cc
4. Intermediate / Pro
5. 60cc
6. 50cc
***Note: Ladies practice once with the size of bike and Skill Level that is appropriate
**Note: If too many riders are in a class, the referee will decide to split the group into two or more practices. Please be patient.

Racing starts immediately after practice
There will be a 10 minute intermission after the 1st motos; please do not be late to the line for your moto
Race order will be finalized after sign in. Race times are approximate.
Race Order Printouts will be available after practice for a $1 donation to CHEO

Tentative Schedule

ANQ Class
1 Vet 40 A Vet +40
Vet 40 B
2 Under 30  Int/Pro 20min Under 30 / Plus 25 / Youth
3 Girls 9-13
60 GP Ask Johnny Grant – Not an ANQ class
4 250 Junior MX2 Junior
5 250 Beginner MX2 Beginner
6 Open Pro/AM Not an ANQ
7 50 7-8 50 7-8
50 4-6 50 4-6
Girls 4-8
8 Under 30  Junior/Beg Not an ANQ Class
9 Open Inter A/450 Int MX3 Int / MX1 Int
Open Inter B/450 Int B  Not an ANQ Class
10 80 12-16 80 12-16
80 7-11 80 7-11
11a Open Junior MX3 Junior
11b Open Beg MX3 Beginner
12 250 Inter A MX2 Int
250 Inter B  Not an ANQ Class
13 50 GP 50GP
14 Supermini Supermini
15 Vet 30 A Vet Master
Vet 30 B Vet Junior
16 Ladies A Ladies
Vet 50
Ladies B
17 60 10-11 60 10-11
60 7-9 60 7-9
18 Schoolboy 2 Schoolboy 2
Schoolboy 1 Schoolboy 1