Float like a Butterfly…

June 6, 2016: The first moto of the year in Kamloops, BC, was a Muhammed Ali style knockout for Team MX101 FXR Yamaha.  Dylan Wright got the holeshot, and though he got passed, he rode a strategic race and made that last lap pass to win the first moto!  Jess Pettis was making his own history with a well fought third place finish.  The first moto of the year is a gut check, and the team showed they were ready.

In the second moto, Dylan reacted when his gate started to drop prematurely.  The gate stop was also broken on that gate, so when Dylan reacted the gate did not stop him, and he was assessed to have jumped the gate.  The rule book has the option of a “stop and go” penalty or a one lap penalty, and unfortunately Dylan was docked one lap.  Dylan kept his head, but the bad luck followed him and another rider hit him and destroyed his front brake.  After ripping off the caliper so the wheel would turn, Dylan rode up to 16th place, but with the 1 lap penalty and another 5 position penalty for coming to the mechanic’s area without following the track, Dylan got a 31st in the second moto.

Jess also had bad luck when his bike shut down with two laps to go after he fought hard for a 3rd place.  The entire team had mixed emotions about the day, but we will come back stronger for the next round.

Hayden Halstead, the third rider on the team, got an 8th in the second moto giving him a taste of the top ten!

With Dylan, Jess and Hayden all getting career best finishes, Nanaimo promises to be a great race!





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