KMMX 2017 MOTOCROSS RACE SERIES – a four race series.
Saturday, June 10 – Race #1
Sunday, June 11 – Race #2
Saturday, July 15 – Race #3 (Also points towards MX101 IRONMAN SERIES Race #7)
Sunday, July 16 – Race #4 (Also points towards MX101 IRONMAN SERIES Race #8)

TROPHY CLASSES (top 3 places) will be calculated from the points of all four races with an awards presentation at the end of race #4. Final Series trophies (top 3 places) will be presented at the end of race #4. Separate trophies for 50, 60, and Girls 4-8 classes only (top 3 places and future stars) will be given out for races #1, 2 and 3. *Classes are subject to change.
□ 50 4-6
□ 50 7-8
□ 50 GP
□ 65 7-9
□ 65 10-11
□ 65 GP
□ Girls 4-8
□ Girls 9-13
□ 80 7-11
□ 80 12-16
□ Supermini
□ Ladies B 14+
□ Schoolboy 1 – 12-16 (86cc to 125cc 2 stroke/75cc to 150cc 4 stroke)
□ Schoolboy 2 – 13-17 (122cc to 153cc 2 stroke/250cc 4 stroke)
□ Open Beginner
□ 250 Junior
□ Open Junior
□ Youth 18-24 Beg/Jun
□ Vet 30+ Beg/Jun
□ Vet 25+ B Beg/Jun

PAYOUT CLASSES will be awarded following each race event. *Classes are subject to change.
□ Ladies A 14+
□ Open Int
□ 250 Int
□ Youth 18-24 Int/Pro
□ Vet 25+ A Int/Pro
□ Vet 35+
□ Vet 45+

$35 first class, $25 second class, $20 third class (prices include HST)
Payments at the track will be CASH only please
E-transfer available for race PRE-entry only at (deadline for pre-entry Tuesday June 6)
Race Entry forms can be downloaded from
Registration: Friday evening 7-9pm; Saturday/Sunday mornings 6:30-7:45am; Saturday evening 7-9pm
Track Marshalls and Flaggers meeting at 7:45am
Mandatory Racers meeting at 8:00am

Practice laps begin at 8:15am – Tentative Order
1. Junior
2. Beginner
3. Vet 25/30/35/45
4. Intermediate/Pro
5. Ladies A, Ladies B, and 80cc 12-16
6. 60cc, 80cc 7-11, and Girls 9-16
7. 50cc, Girls 4-8
*Order and times are subject to change. Race order will be finalized after sign-in.

WAIVERS: Waivers to be signed by all riders. Riders under the age of 18 will require a parent to be present to sign the waiver forms. Waivers must be signed by all riders, track employees, volunteers, photographers and media. Forms can be downloaded from

Scoring will be done by transponders only – No rentals will be available at the track.
No transponder? Come out and race for FUN anyway (although you will not be scored towards the KMMX Race Series). Guaranteed, you’ll want to purchase a transponder after an exciting day on the track! To purchase a transponder, contact John Maguire, MMRS at the following link: Make sure your transponder is charged and working. Visit

MEMBERSHIPS: No memberships or licenses required. All racers welcome.

FOOD VENDOR: The Arnprior Lions Club will have the grill rollin’ selling hamburgers, sausages, hotdogs and more – please support their local charity fundraising efforts.

Gates will be open Friday afternoon 3pm – 10:30pm for parking only
Saturday 6:00am – 10:30pm
Sunday 6:00am
If arriving late, please call ahead (613-407-4102)

Adult (Ages 13 and up) $20 for the weekend – $10 Sunday only
Children (Ages 6-12) $10 for the weekend – $5 Sunday only
Children (Ages 5 and under) Free
Primitive overnight parking $20 – no reservation required – no access to electricity or water hook-ups
CASH only please at the track

If you’re camping prior to Saturday and/or attending just one day you’re required to pay for the entire weekend. If you leave before 7pm Saturday night you’ll receive a refund at the front gate. Gate staff will remove your wrist band and issue you your refund. NO WRIST BAND, NO REFUND. This will be in effect until 7pm Saturday. No refunds will be issued after 7pm.

All admission and class fees are used to cover the costs of permits, insurance, medical services, track maintenance and event personnel, all of which are necessary to make this weekend enjoyable and safe. We thank you for your support.

• Camping is for riders, family and family guests only. You must enter through the registration gate and have a wrist band. Any minors must be with an adult. All others will be asked to leave.
• Generators to be turned off at 11:00 p.m. Extreme weather will be dealt with as necessary.
• Pit areas must be quiet at 11:00 p.m. No music or excess noise after 11:00 p.m., including generators.
• No underage drinking permitted on site.
• No campfires will be permitted.
• No fireworks or firecrackers will be permitted.
• KMMX is not responsible for stolen or missing items.
• All garbage must be cleaned up and taken to the bin provided at the gate area. No garbage is to be left on site. Any broken glass must be cleaned up.
• Please do not leave your old parts on the grounds for us to dispose of. Do not leave your used oil or pour it onto the ground. Please, if you must service your bike, then take the oil with you in a container. It is your responsibility to dispose of your waste oil and antifreeze.
• Fire safety regulations require that tents are erected with at least a 2 foot separation between them.
• When parking a fire emergency route must be maintained at all times. Do not block access routes at any time.
• Mechanics, photographers, medics, etc. may be permitted to use pit bikes, ATV’s, golf carts to travel during practice / race times if they get prior approval by the Referee. This will be evaluated on an individual basis.
• All riders 1st gear only in the pits.
• After practice / racing is finished, No pit riding.
• There is no access to electricity or water hook-ups.
• Water for washing bikes available (Not Potable – Do Not Drink)
• Riders must wear proper approved protective gear which includes boots, helmet (must be securely strapped on), and goggles. We suggest you wear a chest protector, neck brace, gloves, MX pants and long sleeve jersey.
• Only registered riders/racers may ride the track. Mechanics, family, or friends are not allowed to ride unless they sign in first and pay their rider’s fee. When you sign in, you are registering the rider not the motorcycle or ATV.
• Ride only on the track in the direction with other riders. You must never do a U-turn or go in the opposite direction.
• Family, friends and mechanics must stay behind the fence and off the track once practice and races have begun.
• Track officials reserve the right to pull you off the track if you present a danger to yourself or others.
• Do not ride off property! NO EXCEPTIONS!
• All pets must be on leash at all times and PLEASE clean up after your pet.