London Update…

July 10, 2016: Team MX101 FXR Yamaha had a great weekend at the London, Ontario, round of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals. Dylan Wright got 2nd Overall, Jess Pettis 6th Overall, and Hayden Halstead got 8th Overall.  All three riders in the top ten and a trip to the second step on the podium makes for a happy weekend. Dylan and Hayden both achieved career high finishes and are aiming higher for next weekend in Ulverton, Quebec.

In the first moto, Dylan got stuck in the gate. The gate is supposed to drop between 1 and 5 seconds after the girls turn the 5 second board sideways.  The guys are slipping their clutch from there, and the bikes are revving high.  But the gate did not drop until 7 seconds, and that is a lot of heat on one of these top level race machines.  Dylan’s clutch faded away and the bike started to inch forward, getting him trapped in the gate.  Needless to say, Dylan started last.

However, Dylan put his head down and charged up to third place by the end of the moto.  A fantastic drive, but Dylan said he would rather have gotten the holeshot!

Jess started out second and kept driving to hold on to 6th in the first moto, and backed that up with a 6th in the second as well.  Hayden used his sand skills to earn an eighth place finish in the first and second moto.

Dylan, Jess, and Hayden have moved up to 4th, 7th and 11th in Championship Points respectively.  The team is planning to keep this pressure on at the next round in Ulverton, Quebec, this coming weekend to keep moving up in the points. 

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