Truro, NS Update…

July 24, 2016: Team MX101 FXR Yamaha had a good weekend at the Truro, Nova Scotia, round 7 of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals. However, Dylan Wright got 4th Overall, Jess Pettis 5th Overall, and Hayden Halstead 12th Overall, and that was just not good enough for the All Canadian Dream Team!  Every rider wanted to do better, and will be pushing hard to get there next weekend in Moncton, New Brunswick!

Jess Pettis overcame some adversity when an electrical problem arose after practice and left him scrambling to the line for qualifying as the mechanics worked feverishly to get it sorted seconds before the green flag flew.

In the first moto, Dylan nearly holeshot but had a slide out on the slippery “Pleasant Valley” dirt that slid him back to 6th.  Dylan fought hard but could only pull up to 5th, right behind teammate Jess Pettis.  Dylan struggled threw practice, qualifying and moto 1 to find a rhythm and his timing on the tricky surface,  but once he got comfortable in moto 2, he charged like only he can.  Halstead ran all of moto 1 with no rear brake after a lap 1 collision left the brake line flapping in the wind…  He nursed it in for a 14th.

The second moto saw Dylan with not a great start, but he started driving to the front and got up to second before running out of time.  Jess got a 6th, and Hayden pulled in 11th.  Good rides, but the guys all felt like positions were left on the table.

Dylan, Jess, and Hayden have moved up to 3rd, 5th and 8th in Championship Points respectively.  Moncton is going to be a battle as the team keeps pushing for great results!

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