The day started off well with the guys qualifying 3-4-11 to ensure good gate picks for moto 1. Rounding the first turn had Maffenbeier and Pettis in the top 5 as they have been almost off of every start. Halstead was just outside of the top 10. Early in moto 1 Shawn was giving the hometown crowd what they came too see as he moved quickly to the front putting down the fastest lap of the race. Unfortunately on lap number 4 on a right hand sweeper he managed to hook his boot through his brake pedal and fell. He was trapped under his bike unable to get out from under it. With some help from Mike Alessi who was the only one around to get the bike off of the downed rider thankfully. Shawn would then have to remove his boot to get it untangled from the bike before remounting and charging from 35th to an incredible 16th. Pettis was Slowely making passes to the front as he climbed to 3rd. He ran there but you could tell that he was still struggling with the effects of his moto 2 crash in Calgary. Pettis would slip back one spot near the end to salvage a 4th while barely managing to keep control of his bike. Halstead was engaged in a battle as he has been all year with the 2nd group of riders from 6-12th spot. He moved forward into 9th before a tip over dropped him back to 13th for moto 1.

Moto 2 sadly started without Pettis who was being checked at the local hospital to confirm what had been suspected, that his collarbone was broken. Upon further X-rays it was seen that the doctors had missed the crack in it from last weeks visit so it made his moto 1 even more impressive that he soldiered on and finished with it broken.

Maffenbeier and Halstead looked to hold the team flag high in moto 2. Both came around at the end of lap 1 in the top 10, and set there sights on the podium. As Shawn worked his way into 2nd it looked like a familiar showdown with Cole Thompson for the top step. Cole had an error free ride and inched away as the laps winded down. With 3 laps to go Shawn found his marks and some smooth lines and out on a charge. The gap started at 8 seconds but with Shawn throwing down the fastest lap of the race on the last lap he crossed just 2 seconds behind Thompson. Hayden again engaged in the battle for a top 10. As the riders jockeyed back and forth the entire moto Hayden as well logged his fastest lap in the last couple laps showing the whole team has great fitness and never quits. He would be rewarded with a 10th for his efforts in moto 2.

The west is now concluded and the team has had some incredible highs with winning 1/2 the motos. Unfortunately they were matched with some bad luck but all 3 riders are heading east in the top 8 in points. No small feat in itself. Jess will miss a round or two as he recovers, the short 1 week break couldn’t come at a better time for him. Maffenbeier has solidified himself with his new found winning speed as the one to battle till the end for the championship. Hayden has had his best Western swing ever proving his California training on hard pack has payed off.

The team looks forward to the deep sand of gopher dunes and the heat and humidity that it always brings.

All Photos: James Lissimore