It is with regret that we are forced to cancel this weekend’s double header of the Sand Del Lee cup.   We have received an insane amount of rain the past two days, and there is more scheduled in the range of 20mm for tonight.  Both Thursday and Friday are showing thundershowers that would not allow what is already on the ground to dry at all.   We are confident that without much rain Thursday or Friday the track could be phenomenal but the areas around the track may still be lakes making it impassible for medics and safety staff to navigate.  Thus, as we always try to do is offer the best product, great value and loads of fun for our customers we feel that there is no way to come through on those keeping safety in mind.

Our plan is to open for practice, but it will be a day by day call based on Mother Nature as to what days we are able to do.   For anyone that was planning on coming and would still like to get some track time in at SDL,  we are going to waive the first time $25 membership fee.  We will waive our camping fees.  We will also offer a Special $35 per day practice fee for this weekend as well.

The race will not be rescheduled out of respect to the other promoters / tracks already on the schedule.

We would like to thank you sincerely for your patience, consideration, and understanding on this tough decision.