Brought to you by FOX

by Dylan Wright

Can you believe it?! Just a little over a month left before my first race as a Canadian MX pro racer.

This fall changed my life! That’s when I signed my first MX pro racing contract and joined the MX101 Yamaha Race Team. From that day on, I could hardly think of anything else but going South to train for the season. My first semester at school couldn’t end fast enough.

February finally came around and it was finally time to head down South and start training. I was stoked to finally start the road trip to Florida with Richard and Rory Clarke. We spent three awesome weeks in the Sunshine State.

Usually, I would be headed back home after those three weeks and would have to wait until all the snow melted and the ground dried before I could ride again. Not this year! I got to spend another 5 weeks or so at South of the Border, a motocross training facility close to Dillon, South Carolina. I would call this place home for the next little bit.

For the first time in my life, I got a taste of what it’s like to live on my own. Well … not entirely on my own. My new mechanic, Cale Foster, is here with me. Man did MX101 do a good job when they picked him. He is amazing on bikes and really knows his stuff. Together we make a great team!

You know what else has been really sweet during this trip? My new YZ250 and 450 bikes! It was so cool to get to do some testing. We’ve been fine tuning the suspension, testing race motors, a bunch of bike parts and I’ve been pounding laps almost every day to make sure we are ready to race when the gate drops on May 31st in Nanaimo.

For those who are thinking how awesome it is that I get to ride all winter instead of going to school … think again. My parents made arrangements with my high school so that I could complete my second semester online (which really sucks, but I realize it’s important).

With the exception of a few days off, I’ve been hitting the gym hard, hitting the tracks even harder, and hitting the books somewhere in between. Hopefully, the weather in Canada improves soon because, in a couple of days, I’ll be hitting the road to make my way home. (Sand Del Lee, the Pytel Training Facility and Motopark better be ready to ride boys!)

Since I left in February, I’ve met a few of the Canadian pros I’ll be lining up against in the MX2 class this year. While I was in Florida, I briefly got to meet and ride with my new team-mate Jesse Wentland. At South of the Border, I shared some track time with Josh Clarke and fellow MX101 Yamaha rider Shawn Robinson.

Thanks so much to the MX101 Yamaha Race Team for this opportunity! I hope to see many of you at the first Sand Del Lee races in early May. Let’s race!!!!

All you fans out there better be ready, because it’s almost moto time in the great white north!

I couldn’t do any of this or be where I am without the support from: MX101, Yamaha Canada, Fox Canada, GYTR, Yamalube, EKS Brand goggles, ODI, DeCal Works, Dunlop, SSS suspension, Matrix Concepts, Robinson bros, Atlas brace, FMF, Sunstar, OneMatch Bone Marrow Network, Clarke Mechanical and obviously my family and friends and all you fans out there; You guys are awesome!