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Dale Argue
Dale opened Sand Del Lee 40 years ago. Sand Del Lee may very well be the oldest running MX track in Canada. Over the last 40 years Dale has been the major driver behind Sand Del Lee. In 2001, MX101 took over operating Sand Del Lee, but Dale was always there to help with advice and large amounts of effort.

Dale passed away in August of 2010. However, Dale will always be in our hearts and minds, so we created the Dale Argue Cup which is awarded to the top 250cc and 450cc class winner at the CMRC Pro National.

Dale will always be the father of Sand Del Lee, and one of the Forefather’s of Canadian Motocross. He will also remain a beloved person to MX101, and Sand Del Lee will continue to have his fingerprints on it forever. Dale’s influence will continue to shape
Sand Del Lee and MX101.

The Dale Argue Cup
The Dale Argue Cup was created by MX101 to be awarded to the winner of the CMRC Pro National in both the MX1 and MX2 classes.  The Cup itself is a history of the Sand Del Lee National since 2006 with a listing of the top finishers in each class documented on the Cup.  The Dale Argue Cup has become a tradition that every top racer fight to hold over their heads, as well as their competitors.  Dale wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

MX101 is proud to keep this tradition in honour of Dale Argue and his 40 years of contribution to Canadian Motocross.