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Name: Tyler Duffy

Nickname: Duffman

Sponsors: Mx101, Yamaha Canada, Fox, Shift, Dragon, Gamma Sales, Works Connection, SSS, GYTR, Decal Works.

2014 classes: MX1 Pro

Hobbies: Mountain biking, skiing, jet skiing, hanging with friends, riding my dirt bike.

Favourite food: Im kinda hooked on Pad Thai now haha, but Jeff Arsenault’s chicken wings should be in the hall of fame.

Favourite tracks: Sand-Del-Lee for sure, Bostwick creek, Walton, Motopark, Mexico NY.

Hero: Stefan Everts; I remember watching GP’s when I was little and just could not believe how that guy could ride a motorcycle.

First Race: It was in October 2000 I believe and I raced a PW50 at SDL (when the start was in the front if anyone remembers) I got lapped like 5 times haha.

Most Memorable Experience: Winning my first provincial in 2010 in junior; I beat some fast kids and I was pumped, it was like 3 months after my shoulder surgery.

What Motivates You: I just love what I do, I love riding and teaching the up and comers, I remember when I was coming to camps and getting taught by people I looked up to and it was a really cool experience.

What is your favorite thing in Motocross: When you have those days where you cant hit anything wrong, doing ruts perfect, and just being able to always improve.

What do you want people to know about you: I like to read! (I know hard to believe right?)

Favorite Car / Truck: Matte Black Range Rover sport, Audi R8 convertible

Favorite Movie: Pretty much anything with Will Ferrell, Step Brothers is a classic.

Favorite Band: Miss May I, Blind Witness, Bring Me The Horizon, Blink 182

Describe the feeling of riding Moto on a great day: Going to the track with you buddies and just riding for fun, throwing whips, throw in the odd goon ride for fun.